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 Team NameTeam CaptainGroup NameTeam TotalMembers Recruited
Team AlexBeth BrandvainSuper Size Team (100+ particpants)$390,247.64125
Team Joe'sRobert CasalouExtra Large Team (45-99 Participants)$155,199.9750
Team TaylorRob GraingerExtra Large Team (45-99 Participants)$138,251.8456
Davids HeroesBill DotyLarge Team (21-44 Participants)$104,705.8824
Team ButtercupAmy YamasakiMedium Team (11-20 Participants)$82,763.2518
Eaton Road WarriorsDave KarnesLarge Team (21-44 Participants)$68,052.1840
Team Ellie powered by Cooper StandardThomas LincolnLarge Team (21-44 Participants)$66,602.2330
Cameron's CrusadersRobert RubyLarge Team (21-44 Participants)$54,800.0022
There Goes The NeighborhoodEric KangasLarge Team (21-44 Participants)$44,697.6922
Team JennaMark PruetzSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$38,915.0010
Monroe Wish RidersWilliam HofferLarge Team (21-44 Participants)$38,631.5021
Team MariahTodd SuttonLarge Team (21-44 Participants)$36,840.0028
Team AAMSteve SechristLarge Team (21-44 Participants)$35,003.5024
BLIZZARDJim JohnsonSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$33,726.0010
G-WOWMichael TomczakMedium Team (11-20 Participants)$31,788.5013
THAMichael SalhaneySmall Team (1-10 Participants)$31,585.0011
Tour de WishesCynthia NiemannMedium Team (11-20 Participants)$27,759.7015
UAW5960/GMORIONDAVID SHIELDSSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$27,409.925
Cruising For Kids With CancerMARK LINDERMedium Team (11-20 Participants)$27,398.0012
Team MorganStuart BaskinSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$25,439.5011
Biking for BraveAmeel Trabilsy IISmall Team (1-10 Participants)$23,230.006
Charlie's Angels RacingMike ShermanSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$22,675.009
Team HeaderChristina AdkinsLarge Team (21-44 Participants)$22,427.0016
Gym RatsWill ChiolaMedium Team (11-20 Participants)$21,535.0016
Midland FlatlandersJim MorrisseyMedium Team (11-20 Participants)$20,075.1911
CoastbustersDerek GaskinsSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$20,035.006
Men In UniformGreg WebbSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$17,962.607
DOWNHILL RIDERSLARRY BEAUDOINSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$17,871.0013
Sweet Boo-BooGlenn StarkSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$16,750.003
For the KidsKeith BrownleeSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$16,325.009
Team EmilyMary Kay GoergeMedium Team (11-20 Participants)$15,851.5011
The Wish SquadTodd GreenSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$14,560.016
Team OfanimMichael ElinskiSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$14,515.016
Pratt & Miller EngineeringTri GaffneySmall Team (1-10 Participants)$13,461.718
Team RetroFoamRyan LitwillerSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$13,174.003
UM Mott Children's HospitalChrysta LienczewskiSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$12,645.007
Look Ma No HandsMichael LuginbillSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$12,075.004
TEAM MECAMARK GRACELYSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$12,000.001
Microsoft & FCA USBrian MoineauSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$11,045.004
Volkswagen Group of AmericaBryan SmithSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$10,945.006
Team MeijerMarielle ArmalySmall Team (1-10 Participants)$9,582.008
Team BASFThomas McKaySmall Team (1-10 Participants)$9,565.019
Just CauseSteven PernaSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$9,450.002
ToyotaRussell WerthmannSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$8,748.605
Team EmmaMike WitbeckSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$8,462.005
Team Croc TearsJames HansonSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$7,955.003
Learning Care GroupCraig HarrySmall Team (1-10 Participants)$7,791.005
Team Joey Radio #ZachStrongJoseph NamouSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$7,705.001
St. Valentine Church Holy RollersThomas BeaudoinSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$7,090.024
Team 19Charles WondergemSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$6,975.002
Pedal Faster Donkey!Jeffrey DavisSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$6,245.494
Treetown RidersTim YonkovitSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$6,175.002
Endeavor Cycling TeamEric StoeckelSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$5,700.005
Team CHEETAHScott NolanSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$5,655.001
ChelSea TurtlesNicola MalloySmall Team (1-10 Participants)$5,365.004
Biggby CoffeeRandy NeelisSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$5,269.003
Team KarmaAnthony NielsenSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$4,740.003
Normal People Would DrivePatrice WeberSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$4,490.004
Team SammyRick JonesSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$4,457.282
Team Anthonybob fransioliSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$3,930.004
Emily JaneAaron DiezSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$3,287.002
Never Lose HopeMadeline WorkmanSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$3,197.002
Team Forrest JoyRidersTerry BakerSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$3,152.552
TEAM UNDERDOGSCarol MaloneSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$3,060.005
Team GraceBradley KnickerbockerSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$2,850.001
"BPR" back of The Pack RacingDonald WoodSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$2,830.001
Spunrobin hagesSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$2,806.001
Team TiaBen AllenSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$2,735.504
The Howling Herd of TurtlesJohn-David SecorskiSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$2,600.001
Wishes from Ric n NicEric EldredSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$2,500.002
Jon PopeJon PopeSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$1,950.001
Cruizin' With ChristopherChris AtchisonSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$1,945.005
Gary Plank Melanie PlankSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$1,935.002
Miles of SmilesRAYMOND ABBOUDSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$1,840.002
Kevin Degen is My HeroPatrick IngramSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$1,825.002
Miles for MiraclesDerik GrossSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$1,645.001
Wyatts WarriorsJamie SuttonSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$1,625.001
Roll ModelsMiguel VargasSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$1,575.004
Greenridge Dream TeamMatt KringSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$1,325.002
RookiesAnnaliese MarksSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$1,280.002
Team JesseBoyShannon LanzaSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$1,261.003
WAMmer JammersRaymond PudlikSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$1,248.001
Nautical WheelersBruce QuadaSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$1,200.002
#TeamBraydenNICKOLAS KEANESmall Team (1-10 Participants)$1,120.003
Children's Leukemia Foundation of MichiganHeidi GrixSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$900.002
Tiny TurtlesNoah GlazaSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$854.342
Team RyanTami BlissSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$775.002
Team Kyle CourtDanica GallSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$650.003
Team ThunderboltBarbara CampbellSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$300.002
From Zero to 50Colette RichardsSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$190.001
Team ChanceLetitia AndersonSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$50.002
Jay's Dream TeamLindsay ReynoldsSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$0.001
Super MinionsAdam BradleySmall Team (1-10 Participants)$0.001
University of Michigan Cycling TeamKurt SchaldenbrandSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$0.001
Wish MakersHope HornishSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$0.001
Your Pace or MineJennifer LesinskiSmall Team (1-10 Participants)$0.001

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