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 Team NameTeam CaptainGroup NameTeam TotalMembers Recruited
Team AlexBeth BrandvainSuper Size (100+ Participants)$121,290.37131
Eaton Road WarriorsDave karnesLarge (36-60 Participants)$44,612.4541
Team TaylorRob GraingerExtra Large (61-99 Participants)$34,195.6463
Team Joe'sRobert CasalouExtra Large (61-99 Participants)$31,311.0053
Team MorganStuart BaskinMedium (16-35 Participants)$24,441.3423
UAW5960/GMORIONDavid ShieldsSmall (1-15 Participants)$21,654.0013
David's HeroesBill DotyMedium (16-35 Participants)$17,111.0024
LCG Geared Up!Craig HarrySmall (1-15 Participants)$16,468.009
Team Ellie / Cooper StandardJeneen RippeyMedium (16-35 Participants)$16,105.0017
Team MariahTodd SuttonSmall (1-15 Participants)$14,501.0026
There Goes The NeighborhoodEric KangasMedium (16-35 Participants)$14,130.0022
Tour de WishesCindie NiemannMedium (16-35 Participants)$13,830.0021
Team AAMLarry ForemanLarge (36-60 Participants)$12,175.0027
Team EmilyMary Kay GoergeSmall (1-15 Participants)$11,635.0014
Midland FlatlandersJim MorrisseyMedium (16-35 Participants)$11,516.0012
Monroe Wish RidersWilliam HofferSmall (1-15 Participants)$11,173.0013
Cruising For Kids With CancerMark LinderMedium (16-35 Participants)$10,647.0024
The Howling Herd of TurtlesJohn-David SecorskiSmall (1-15 Participants)$10,475.0018
Team ButtercupAmy YamasakiMedium (16-35 Participants)$9,921.0012
Kick AssphaltMarco ZanettiSmall (1-15 Participants)$8,740.903
CoastbustersDerek GaskinsSmall (1-15 Participants)$8,288.008
For The KidsKeith BrownleeSmall (1-15 Participants)$8,050.005
Team JennaMark PruetzSmall (1-15 Participants)$7,210.0015
Team RetroFoamRyan LitwillerSmall (1-15 Participants)$7,075.025
Volkswagen Group of AmericaBryan SmithSmall (1-15 Participants)$6,427.006
Team GraceBradley KnickerbockerSmall (1-15 Participants)$6,000.004
Team RyanTami BlissMedium (16-35 Participants)$5,987.8911
United For WishesRobert WoehlkeSmall (1-15 Participants)$5,850.006
God's Warriors On WheelsMichael TomczakSmall (1-15 Participants)$5,740.008
Just CauseSteven PernaSmall (1-15 Participants)$5,443.008
Team UnderdogsCarol MaloneSmall (1-15 Participants)$4,755.005
WAMmer Jammers / Dream TeamRaymond PudlikMedium (16-35 Participants)$4,627.857
Team OfanimMichael ElinskiSmall (1-15 Participants)$4,475.0010
Team HeaderChristina AdkinsMedium (16-35 Participants)$4,415.0013
Sam's SuperheroesZachary JohnsonSmall (1-15 Participants)$4,395.008
The Wish SquadTodd GreenSmall (1-15 Participants)$4,261.004
Charlie's Angels RacingMike ShermanSmall (1-15 Participants)$3,735.005
THAMichael SalhaneySmall (1-15 Participants)$3,460.006
Gym RatsWill ChiolaSmall (1-15 Participants)$3,435.0011
Team MackenzieKaren HookMedium (16-35 Participants)$3,331.007
Downhill RidersLAWRENCE BEAUDOINSmall (1-15 Participants)$3,120.0013
Men In UniformGreg WebbSmall (1-15 Participants)$2,985.004
Ride For WishesJohanna FullerSmall (1-15 Participants)$2,745.007
Pedal it ForwardJANELLE GUNNSmall (1-15 Participants)$2,720.002
St. Valentine Church Holy RollersThomas BeaudoinSmall (1-15 Participants)$2,700.004
University of Michigan Cycling TeamKurt SchaldenbrandSmall (1-15 Participants)$2,600.004
Team BASFThomas McKaySmall (1-15 Participants)$2,550.0013
Jay's Dream TeamLindsay ReynoldsSmall (1-15 Participants)$2,400.003
University of Michigan Mott Children's Hospitalchrysta lienczewskiMedium (16-35 Participants)$2,250.004
Team Joy RidersTerry BakerSmall (1-15 Participants)$2,222.002
Team MeijerMarielle ArmalyMedium (16-35 Participants)$2,135.003
Miles of SmilesRaymond AbboudSmall (1-15 Participants)$2,050.006
Team Anthonybob fransioliSmall (1-15 Participants)$1,880.003
Team SammyAngel Sam JonesSmall (1-15 Participants)$1,861.064
Team ChanceThomas AndersonSmall (1-15 Participants)$1,835.004
Team KarmaAnthony NielsenSmall (1-15 Participants)$1,605.003
Team Thunderboltbarbara campbellSmall (1-15 Participants)$1,540.003
BLIZZARDJim Johnson IIIMedium (16-35 Participants)$1,465.009
Team ACMScott BlackburnSmall (1-15 Participants)$1,280.363
Team TiaBen AllenSmall (1-15 Participants)$1,265.007
ToyotaRussell WerthmannSmall (1-15 Participants)$1,257.504
Grand Rapids RidersJack PeltierSmall (1-15 Participants)$1,200.001
Team MECAMark GracelySmall (1-15 Participants)$1,200.001
Back of the Pack Racingdonald woodSmall (1-15 Participants)$1,100.001
Treetown RidersTim YonkovitSmall (1-15 Participants)$1,050.002
Monroe Wish Riders 50DeLaney ProvencherSmall (1-15 Participants)$1,030.003
Kevin Degen is my Hero!Patrick Ingram jr.Small (1-15 Participants)$1,000.002
Nautical WheelersBruce QuadaSmall (1-15 Participants)$1,000.002
Never Lose HopeMadeline WorkmanSmall (1-15 Participants)$950.001
Team Emily JaneAaron DiezSmall (1-15 Participants)$885.001
Team GerlachyJeff PlatkoSmall (1-15 Participants)$825.004
super minionsAdam BradleySmall (1-15 Participants)$775.002
Fight Club ZChristopher ZimmerSmall (1-15 Participants)$750.002
Gears and BeersKara WoodSmall (1-15 Participants)$500.001
Team Jesse BoySHANNON LANZASmall (1-15 Participants)$397.002
Endeavor Cycling TeamEric StoeckelSmall (1-15 Participants)$335.002
Sister PowerShaylan TuckerSmall (1-15 Participants)$290.001
Westgate WarriorsErin WestgateSmall (1-15 Participants)$260.002
Team DLJoe KapustkaSmall (1-15 Participants)$240.001
Team EmmaMike WitbeckSmall (1-15 Participants)$225.003
Sweet Boo BooGlenn StarkSmall (1-15 Participants)$185.004
Biking for BraveAmeel Trabilsy IISmall (1-15 Participants)$175.002
Biker BabesAnne EvansSmall (1-15 Participants)$150.003
GlazaNoah GlazaSmall (1-15 Participants)$150.001
Tour de FriendsHope HornishSmall (1-15 Participants)$150.002
Perroud'sErick PerroudSmall (1-15 Participants)$140.002
Miles for MiraclesDerik GrossSmall (1-15 Participants)$120.002
Children's Leukemia Foundation of MichiganHeidi GrixSmall (1-15 Participants)$100.002
Metro Detroit Young Professional KiwanisRobert AllenSmall (1-15 Participants)$100.001
Quicken LoansKatie HolmstromMedium (16-35 Participants)$50.002
TransCoast ChainGangMatthew KingSmall (1-15 Participants)$50.002
Kyle CourtDanica GallSmall (1-15 Participants)$25.002
Greenridge Dream TeamMatthew KringSmall (1-15 Participants)$0.002
Team croc tearsJames HansonSmall (1-15 Participants)$0.006
Team DoghouseTricia EdwardsSmall (1-15 Participants)$0.001
  Indicates Team is accepting new members from the public.

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