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Team Taylor
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Team Taylor Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $100,000.00
Total Raised: $22,820.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 75
Members Recruited: 48

Join Our Team

Join our WAM team and ride with us to grant wishes of Michigan kids with life-threatening medical conditions!

Team Members:
Total Raised$22,820.00  
General Team Donation$135.00  
Rob Grainger$0.00  
   Sara Christenson$0.00  
   Kevin Cleary$100.00  
   Peter Coles$0.00  
   John Denny$300.00  
   Patricia Derhammer$0.00  
   Tom Dutcher$0.00  
   Kelly Fisher$100.00  
   Jason Folkens$176.00  
   Wendy Geerligs$505.00  
   Bill Gephart$500.00  
   Tyson Gilmore$294.00  
   Nick Goetzinger$900.00  
   Dan Grabowski$400.00  
   Ken Grabowski$1,650.00  
   David Habecker$1,000.00  
   Kevin Hains$200.00  
   Louise Horal$0.00  
   William Horal$0.00  
   barb Johnston$0.00  
   Greg Johnston$500.00  
   Matt Klein$0.00  
   Ron martin$1,230.00  
   Kat Miller$0.00  
   Kevin Miller$1,300.00  
   Scott Miller$0.00  
   Michael Mlynarek$0.00  
   Michael Moldovan$350.00  
   Tom Mullins$100.00  
   Colby Novar$725.00  
   David Ouellette$0.00  
   Kristin Ouellette$0.00  
   Steven Ouellette$375.00  
   Don Payerle$50.00  
   Ryan Payerle$25.00  
   Carol Reiss$1,100.00  
   Robert Rensch$650.00  
   TJ Seiwert$655.00  
   Wendy Sosville$1,000.00  
   Kristin Statler$1,010.00  
   Michael Statler$1,010.00  
   Shawn Sullivan$3,730.00  
   Scott Sylvester$500.00  
   Andrew Thompson$1,000.00  
   Emily Tutor$1,000.00  
   Mike Watson$50.00  
   Keith wester$150.00  
   Nick Yetter$50.00  

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