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Team Alex Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $360,000.00
Total Raised: $402,518.81

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 136
Members Recruited: 144

Alex's Public Service Announcement

Team Alex was started in January of 1999 to honor the memory of Alex Graham, an incredible young lady whose life, and death, has inspired many to do good deeds and to try to participate in acts of loving kindness. 

In the spirit of Alex’s beautiful message, Team Alex was formed. A group of 14 mostly novice cyclists signed up to participate in the WAM, a three day, 300 mile fundraising bike tour to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation of Michigan. 

The support that we received from our friends, Alex’s friends and the entire community was incredible. Wearing matching Team Alex cycling jerseys with Alex’s words “Try a smile, we could use it” our group finished the ride having raised over $45,000. That sum translated into nine wishes granted by the Make a Wish Foundation of Michigan. But that was only the beginning.

In 2016 close to 150 riders honored Alex’s Wish by joining Team Alex and riding in WAM. We worked hard on our bicycles and we were rewarded with an outpouring of support from our friends and families. Year after year, the Friends of Team Alex show that they have the biggest hearts in the world. Thank you again for allowing us to keep our promise to Alex and make wishes come true for families with children with life-threatening illnesses.

2017 will be our 19th year of participation in the WAM and, to date,we have raised nearly $3,780,000! At an average cost of $10,000 per wish granted, that's over 340 once-in-a-lifetime experiences made possible.

Thank you for your continued supportor for theWish Kids and Alex’s enduring leagacy.

Team Members:
Total Raised$402,518.81  
General Team Donation$235.00  
Beth Brandvain$30,705.78  
   diane Adler-kaplan$1,474.00  
   Courtland Anderson$1,650.00  
   Thomas Arlow$2,841.00  
   Marsha Auslander$1,997.00  
   Vanessa Bailey$120.00  
   Dorothy Barak$2,949.00  
   tony baron$3,336.00  
   Michael Bellet$3,590.00  
   Tara Bellingar$195.00  
   Larry Bennett$1,625.00  
   Leon Berdy$2,175.00  
   Arnie Berlin$664.00  
   Cheryl Berlin$749.00  
   Ron Bittker$2,796.00  
   David Blau$2,251.00  
   Loren Blumberg$4,223.00  
   Sophie Blumberg$4,347.00  
   Cathryn Bock$545.00  
   Earl K Bogrow$3,075.00  
   Mark Bolish$1,604.45  
   Avi Brandvain$10,901.36  
   Oren Brandvain$1,909.00  
   Lindsey Brant$2,621.00  
   Norman Brant$1,520.00  
   Ronnie Brant$10,785.50  
   Diane Budaj$2,046.00  
   Mark Cahn$2,904.00  
   Mark Canvasser$2,722.00  
   Stacey Cerroni$1,045.00  
   Alexandra Clough$100.00  
   Lori Cohn$4,532.00  
   Mark Cohn$16,581.00  
   Taylor Cohn$2,560.00  
   David Contorer$7,790.00  
   Susan Cova$100.00  
   Nancy Cutler$5,705.00  
   Art Dermer$1,845.00  
   Charles Deroo$1,275.00  
   Jennifer Dimmer$10,458.00  
   Amy Dunn$1,420.00  
   Steven Dunn$1,560.00  
   Raymond Dybowski$1,455.00  
   Ronnie Elkus$9,503.00  
   Steve Elkus$3,047.00  
   Lara Eriksen$1,645.00  
   Clyde Esbri$2,175.00  
   Timothy Fargo$1,825.00  
   Bruce Fisher$3,800.00  
   Marc Fishman$1,435.00  
   Ken Fox$465.00  
   james fuller$1,360.00  
   Catherine Galdes$1,640.00  
   Dale Garber$2,122.00  
   Jenna Garber$1,380.00  
   Samantha Garber$1,515.00  
   Beth Goldstein$2,581.00  
   William Graham$3,075.00  
   Stephen Green$1,990.00  
   Landi Heller$1,685.00  
   Marcus Helman$3,463.00  
   David Herc$1,716.54  
   Holly Hereau$3,600.00  
   Elyse Hoffman$2,378.00  
   Roan Isaku$95.00  
   Barbara Jacobs$1,540.00  
   Janet Jacobs-Walt$2,708.00  
   Sue Jakobcic$1,300.00  
   richard keidan$1,315.00  
   charles kessler$4,538.00  
   Greta Klaus$770.00  
   Kathleen Klaus$645.00  
   Gary Kravitz$700.00  
   Alana Kuhn$949.00  
   Daniel Kuhn$1,621.00  
   Mark Kuhn$2,732.00  
   jon kulevsky$1,315.00  
   Mark LaBelle$1,465.00  
   Dori Leib$1,841.00  
   Ruth Lerman$2,480.00  
   Gregg Leshman$2,478.00  
   Jay Levinson$4,284.00  
   Risa Levinson$1,616.00  
   Karen Lewis$2,793.00  
   Scott Lewis$9,500.00  
   Renee Liberman$975.00  
   David Lipson$736.00  
   Evelyn Lossia$495.00  
   Jan Mack$2,705.00  
   Julie MacKinnon$1,350.00  
   John Marx$550.00  
   Judy Marx$550.00  
   Michael McGregor$2,344.00  
   Marcia Mumbrue$2,419.00  
   Stuart Nathan$2,730.00  
   Alan Newman$1,300.00  
   marcy newman$601.00  
   David Newton$1,445.00  
   Chris Ophus$1,050.00  
   Pamela Ophus$1,050.00  
   Denise Parr$3,803.00  
   steven portney$1,275.00  
   Mary Raftery$2,125.00  
   James Reid$620.00  
   Michael Reuter$2,435.00  
   Poker Ride$0.00  
   Davida Robinson$3,811.00  
   Warren Robinson$3,678.00  
   Susan Rogers$1,065.00  
   barry rosen$1,696.00  
   Charles Russman$1,792.00  
   Dany Saar$2,101.00  
   David Saperstein$2,200.00  
   Jordan Scharg$2,106.00  
   Keith Schonberger$550.00  
   David Schwartz$3,370.00  
   Wendy Schwartz$2,773.00  
   Anthony Scooros$1,345.00  
   Steven Seidman$6,109.00  
   Harshal Shah$2,095.00  
   Kenny Shecter$3,433.00  
   Matthew Sheppard$725.00  
   Beth Silver$600.00  
   michael silver$1,430.00  
   Varsha Sinha$715.00  
   mark sinkoff$2,474.00  
   Robert Sklar$18,104.00  
   Ron Sollish$10,627.00  
   Sara Stav$1,286.00  
   Max Surnow$150.00  
   michael surnow$1,761.00  
   Joel Tarnopol$1,838.00  
   Patti Taxe$5,250.00  
   Andrew Tucker$4,820.00  
   Scott Tuller$1,567.00  
   David Tushman$2,186.00  
   Joel Ungar$3,048.18  
   Allison Walkon$100.00  
   Cullen Watkins$1,420.00  
   Jordan Weiss$1,937.00  
   Lowell Weiss$3,715.00  
   Heidi Wiegand$1,621.00  
   Rick Woolman$1,990.00  
   Dennie Zink$2,405.00  

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